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We will create a tailored proposal which will outline the Pinterest strategy and recommended budget.

Why Pinterest Ads? What’s The Big Deal?

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Isn’t Instagram the gold standard when it comes to visual social media platforms?” Here’s some juicy facts that might make you change your tune.

The number of users engaging with shopping surfaces on Pinterest has grown by more than 200% to March this year.

Pinterest has more than 322 Million Monthly users (and growing at 30% YOY growth)

Pinterest tends to have a lower average CPC than either Facebook or Instagram

Pinterest users spend more money daily than ANY social media platform 

They are SHOPPERS looking for things to BUY

If you hadn’t noticed, the digital marketing landscape is changing… If you’re not adopting an omnipresent marketing strategy, you’re limiting yourself from reaching potentially millions of new customers.

There are about 200 million small businesses on Facebook, each of them waving their digital arms frantically trying to get the attention of new clients. It can be hard to stand out in such a crowded field. So why not divert at least part of your marketing budget to the platform 80 percent of users describe as ‘an online oasis’?

Pinterest is a search engine and a social media platform that gives you the opportunity to optimise pins with keywords, hashtags and even schema to reach new audiences, drive traffic and conversions.

If you’re going ‘all in’ on ONE platform, then your business could be at risk!

Speak with our team of rockstars today to find out how to de-risk and diversify your marketing, so you can exponentially scale growth like you’ve never seen before and reach millions of new potential customers.

How we get you the best return on your Pinterest Ads

Attract the eyeballs of people ready to convert from browser to buyer.

Data Driven Strategies

Deep diving into your accounts, customer data and competition, we analyse your top performing demographics, creative angles and points of difference to develop a strategy that maximises your return opportunities.

Powerful Creatives

Once we’ve identified your biggest opportunities, we develop ad creatives that stop the scroll, build value, generate trust and drive conversions. Creative with purpose that gets the clicks and pin saves.

Test, Test, Test, Refine

Split testing one ad against another is great. Split testing creatives, copy, audiences, demographics, products, landing pages, placements enable us to take your campaigns to a whole new level.

Trusted by Australian brands

Our Pinterest Ads specialists have developed and implemented results-driven campaigns for trusted ethical and sustainable companies. Whether it’s dynamic product ads, video ads, or retargeting, we’ll find the right combination of digital advertising for prospecting and retargeting to deliver performance marketing results.

Our reputation speaks for itself.
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Time to meet your new pin pals.
5 Reasons To Choose Walker Hill Digital

No lock in contracts

We want you to continue working with us based on your results, not a contract.

In-house expertise

After 10 years, spending 100s of millions of dollars on paid ads, tried & tested ideas, and over 400+ e-commerce and service-based businesses, our strategies are #1 in Australia.​

Proven track record

96% retention rate – that’s the Walker Hill Digital difference. Satisfied clients and transparent relationships have built us an outstanding reputation.

Transparent & proactive customer service

Offering full access to all of your accounts and complete visibility of the services you’re paying for, our open and proactive communication gives you long term assurance and peace of mind.

Data in a big way

Everything we do is underpinned by a massive infrastructure of proven analytical data, built after years and years of testing and refinement. Informed decisions drive results.

Advertise on Pinterest with us!

We are an elite team of experienced digital marketers based in Brisbane.

Frequently asked questions (and all of the answers)

Because if you know, you know. And if you don’t, you ask.

The total cost of your investment would be made up of strategy, management and campaign setup fees. We’ll provide a transparent quote, tailored to your needs, that shows exactly what you’re getting and how we’re going to do it.

In order to be effective, and to appropriately set your expectations, you will need to allow for a minimum of $3000 plus GST per month investment including ad spend and management.

We recommend getting started with an ad spend of $1,000 (per month, per channel). This is so that our specialists have enough budget to rapidly test, learn and optimise in order to quickly get to the sweet spot. We can work with smaller budgets but the speed at which we get results will be throttled. We can scale this up/down as necessary (usually we start to see what is happening with the ROAS), ie. we would let you know when we need to spend more, to make you more!

There are no guarantees with ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and anyone who tells you there is, is not telling the whole truth. It would be irresponsible for us to guarantee you something that is heavily influenced by external factors – many of which are beyond the scope of work we provide and out of our control (ahem: global pandemics, changes to platform rules and even your website not being properly optimised or it crashing). The team will stay abreast of the latest practices and optimisations in order to best position your business to attract better ROAS.

We will provide you with real-time data and results through a Google Data Studio Dashboard tailored specifically for you – and available for you to look at at any hour of the day. We’ll then organise a catch up call after the campaign has been live for 14 days, which will be covered off in a 1 hour meeting.

During our check-ins, we will take you through your reports which includes actions taken, results achieved, insights generated, and recommended actions. At the three month mark, we’ll send a three-month review report and then jump on a call – the perfect time to see where we’ve been together, and where we’re going next.

Time to meet your new pin pals.