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As a psychologist or medical professional, your primary focus is on the well-being of your patients, but managing your finances and taxes is just as crucial to your success. That’s where Walker Hill come in – the leading modern accounting firm.

Our team of experienced accountants is dedicated to helping you easily manage your financial affairs, so you can focus on what you do best – providing excellent healthcare to your patients.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a larger clinic, our accounting firm in Brisbane offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Join our community of satisfied clients, and let us be your trusted accounting specialist.

Our Accounting Services for People with Their Own Business

With our expertise in the field, we understand the unique challenges that come with managing finances in the medical and psychological industries, and we’re here to help you navigate through them.

Our services include:

Tax Preparation and Planning

Our qualified accountants are well-trained in the area of tax preparation and planning and can help you proactively prepare for quarterly payments as well as annual taxes. We will work with you side-by-side to ensure that all applicable taxes are accounted for and that you have sound strategies in place to minimize your tax burden.


With Walker Hill, you can be confident that your bookkeeping is efficient and accurate. Our team has years of experience working with small business owners, and we provide quarterly financial analysis and tailored professional services which focus on the individual’s unique needs. 

Strategic business planning

We are well-equipped to help you develop a solid business plan that will take into account both short and long-term goals. We can also provide valuable advice on financial management strategies, so you can make the most of your resources.

Superannuation fund management

The earlier you start planning for retirement, the better. We can help to ensure that your superannuation fund is well-managed and optimised according to current tax regulations.

Financial statement preparation

Keeping track of the financial health of your business is crucial for making informed decisions. Our team can provide detailed and accurate financial statement reports that will help you stay on top of your cash flow.


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Other Key Services we can Help Medical Professionals With

Apart from the services mentioned above, our experts can also provide guidance in a variety of other areas, such as:

For medical professionals who seek smart advice in managing their finances, we offer comprehensive financial consultation services. We can help you create budgets, develop long-term financial strategies, make sound investment decisions, and even help create sustainable income streams.

Your business’ success relies on a financial and tax strategy. Our experienced Accountants can assist you in navigating the intricacies of taxes, ensuring your finances are managed correctly while capitalising upon beneficial opportunities – ultimately crafting an effective plan for optimal outcomes.

An accurate cash flow forecast requires a great deal of effort, utilising complex calculations to determine expected profits and expenditures over the coming year. Careful attention must be paid to ensure precision in order for companies to realise their full financial potential.

We can help you understand your cash flow situation, providing insights and advice on how to best manage it. Our specialised services will enable you to plan for the future and make smart financial decisions.

We provide comprehensive auditing and assurance services that ensure compliance with applicable standards, legislation and regulations. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your financial records are up to date and accurate.


Why Choose Us?

With our team’s expertise, you can be sure that your accounting and tax requirements are in good hands. Our extensive knowledge of these industries has allowed Walker Hill to become highly capable of providing customised solutions tailored to your business’s needs. We strive to provide our psychology clinic clients with responsible and effective guidance backed by both experience and expertise in this field.

Walker Hill is committed to providing quality advice and outstanding personalised service. Our expert team takes the time to understand your unique circumstances and goals, so they can provide tailored advice that will help you build a secure financial future. We care deeply about making sure our medical clients have all the information they need, no matter whether they are aiming for short-term or long-term objectives.

We are always updated with the latest in legislative and technological developments and use only the best accounting software, Xero. Our expertise in this program means our clients benefit from faster and more efficient solutions for their day-to-day accounting needs. With Walker Hill, you get access to a team of Xero specialists who can give you reliable advice and be there when you need help, so you can spend less time worrying about finances and more time focusing on your patients.

Dedicated to helping our clients maintain their financial freedom in a proactive manner, our team keeps up with the changing tax laws and follows industry trends so that potential issues can be identified and addressed early on – avoiding costly mistakes down the line. With Walker Hill, you can feel secure in the knowledge that our experienced professionals are on standby, ready to advise you at any time.

With the intention of providing you with total clarity and transparency, we have created fixed-fee packages for each of our services so that you can be confident in knowing exactly what your expenditure entails. Our goal is to ensure you feel at ease when investing in any one of our solutions.

Xero Partner and Finalist.

Xero Accounting Partner of the Year Finalist FY22

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Working with a professional Accountant is essential for medical and psychological professionals who want to ensure their businesses are running efficiently.

Walker Hill Accounting has the expertise and experience necessary to help you reach your goals. Book a call with one of our experienced Accountants today, and let us show you how we can help your business thrive.

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